240 Pure original Yupoo NB new product actual shot, upgraded J version of men's and women's shoes, genuine standard half-size system, upgraded original paper version, developed with plush suede splicing and breathable mesh fabric shoes

240 Pure original Yupoo NB new product actual shot. Upgraded J version of men's and women's shoes. Authentic half-size system. Upgraded original paper version. Developed using plush suede stitching and breathable mesh fabric. Upper material. TBeam outsole. Provides foot arch support to keep gait stable. The heel is equipped with exposed cushioning. Shock rubber irregular cut deconstruction 2002R texture rough and delicate Yupoo New Balance ML2002Protection Pack series retro dad style casual sports jogging shoes ancestral gray light gray rag M2002RDM size 36 37 375 38 385 395 40 405 415 42 425 43 44 445 45 46 475 as Yupoo New Balance 2002R, one of the most popular shoe models this year, has successfully attracted countless fashion players and sneaker players with its unique shape and exquisite details. Not long ago, it also welcomed BAPE and other heavyweight co-brands. The editor just wants to say that Yupoo New Balance is very popular. Recently, Yupoo New Balance continues Expanding new colors for 2002R, the new Protection Pack series will be released soon. Rain CloudPhantom and Sea Salt are available in three earthy tones and irregular tailoring designs, changing Yupoo New Balance's exquisite retro shoe routine to create a new style. The three colors are based on Yupoo New Balance's classic gray. Black and white are the main colors, no matter which color scheme it is, it can be easily worn. Among them, the gray and black models are made of long-velvet suede to create the shoe body frame, and are filled with mesh leather and other materials. The upper layer is extremely rich and irregular, with rough tailoring. The shoe body adds a bit of deconstructed temperament, which is quite rare in the Yupoo New Balance family. The white shoe upper is filled with nylon material. Compared with the mesh material, it is more fashionable and avant-garde. At the same time, after seeing the pure white color, I really don’t want to put it on my feet.

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