180 pure original version Yupoo NB new product actual shot, upgraded Z version of men's and women's shoes, genuine standard half-size system, upgraded original paper version, developed version, using hard cowhide leather combination

180 pure original version Yupoo NB new product actual shooting chapter upgraded Z version of men's and women's shoes genuine standard half size upgraded original paper version development version adopts hard cowhide leather combined with pig leather upper material thick wear-resistant rubber cushioning outsole retro new choice Yupoo New Balance BB550 series classic retro low-top casual sports basketball shoes white gray navy blue mint green BB550WCA size 36 37 375 38 385 395 40 405 415 42 425 43 44 445 45 Yupoo New Balance is fierce in 2020, successively bringing shoe models such as 327992 and 2002R Bian Bo believes that everyone must have been burned out by these Yupoo NB shoes. In fact, in addition to the above three pairs, the Yupoo New Balance 550 is also a key model that must be paid attention to. But if you take a closer look, you may find that Yupoo NB 550 is very similar to the LV Trainer sneaker series launched by Louis Vuitton. Why is Yupoo New Balance 550 a style that Bo Bian predicts will become popular? Around October 2020, Yupoo New Balance collaborated with New York brand Aimé Leon Dore to launch its 550 Yupoo New Balance 550 has launched this co-branded low-key popular shoe. Maybe you are not familiar with Yupoo NB 550, but let Bo Bian introduce you to Yupoo New Balance 550. In fact, it was founded in 1989 and is a very small shoe in the history of the brand. The common basketball shoes have a low-top body and a leather setting, which makes the shoe look quite retro nowadays. At the same time, it is paired with the four colors of Aimé Leon Dore, making this low-key shoe a hot search for prices. As a result, more shoe fans are aware of this Yupoo NB shoe. Compared to the Yupoo NB 550, the LV Trainer sneakers released by Louis Vuitton are a more well-known sneaker. Virgil Abloh, the creative director of the brand's men's wear, used retro basketball shoes as inspiration. It is carved and matched with LV's high-quality leather, which has become a representative work of today's high-quality fashion sneakers. Take a closer look. Yupoo New Balance 550 and Louis Vuitton LV Trainer are both based on basketball shoes. The characteristic atmosphere of retro shoes is also very similar.

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